General FAQ

What is the Northeast Derby Convention?
The Northeast Derby Convention is a three day roller derby training camp and expo. The convention offers in-depth training at all levels with some of the world's best coaches. In three short days they will change your game forever.

The event will also feature workshops, off-skates training, and seminars on a variety of subjects. Vendors from across the world of derby will be there with the latest gear and exclusive new products. There will be scrimmages, prizes, giveaways and more. Finally, in true derby fashion, each night will end with a party.

Will I get time with the top coaches if I am a beginner?
Every skater will get time with our top coaches, regardless of skill level.

What will I need to get into the event?
Before entering the event you will need to see registration and show them:

  1. A government issued ID
  2. Your pass from Brown Paper Tickets
  3. Accidental insurance coverage (if you are going to participate in on-skates activities)

You will receive a lanyard, a sticker for your pass to show that you have registered (for skating classes you will also receive a sticker for your helmet) and a welcome package with the schedule and all sorts of freebies!

What gear is required to skate at this event?
Quad Skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guard (referees do not require a mouth guard when officiating, but will need one to participate in on-skates classes).

What kind of skating surface is it?
It is polished concrete--kind of slippery; grippier wheels are recommended for this type of floor.

How will you know my skill level?
You will assess your own skill level when you purchase a pass. We have provided guidelines of what skills the coaches will expect you to have already at each level.

If I sign up for the wrong classes can I switch?
It will be difficult to switch your skill level after the fact, and you may be asked to sit if you sign up for advanced classes and cannot perform the required skills.

Should men come to this event?
Yes! We get male skaters from across the country from all levels of modern men's roller derby. We will have several coaches from top ranked MRDA teams and all classes, scrimmages, and events will be open to both men and women.

Should referees/NSOs come to this event?
Yes! Refs and NSO's will have a full schedule of classes and workshops designed specifically for them, as well as admittance into some non-contact on-skates classes. Find out more about referee participation here.

Note that officials wanting to participate in contact-eligible classes (anything over beginner) must purchase a normal MVP skater pass (instead of the normal Ref/NSO pass).

Should coaches come to this event?
Yes! There are lots of seminars for coaches including a special all day session where coaches follow on-skates classes and see how the same subjects are approached at different levels.

Can I just come and watch and take notes?
Yes! Spectator passes are available, and you'll be allowed to sit in on any and all classes and seminars and participate in all off-skates activities (like the parties).


What's up with the Skate Park Classes?
Skate park classes will take place off-site, approximately a 10 minute drive from the venue. This is a private event so be sure to bring your MVP badge for entry!

What is a Black & White scrimmage?
It is a huge derby scrimmage open to all skaters cleared for contact at the convention where you can put all of your newfound skills to the test! There will be one to kick off both Saturday and Sunday and one will be held at an outdoor track - right in the middle of downtown Providence!

What is the All-Star Bout?
We divide our All-Star coaches and some visiting sponsored skaters into two teams, add a few lucky attendees, and watch them face off in one of the most epic exhibition bouts you will ever see!

Will there be group rate hotels?
Yes, we currently have group rate hotel reservations at three hotels by the airport with shuttle service to the Convention Center. See Hotels for more info.

How much is parking?
Parking at the Rhode Island Convention Center is $10 a day.

Is there wifi?
Wifi will be available in the café and in the prefunction halls of the convention center.

Is there anywhere to grab food?
There is a cafe located within the convention center and a mall connected to same complex. There are also many excellent restaurants within walking distance in downtown Providence. We will eventually be posting a welcome packet on this site that among other things lists of some of our favorites in the area.

Ticket Questions

How do I get tickets?
Tickets are on sale now- Click here to be taken to the registration page!

How old do you have to be to purchase a pass?
The Northeast Derby Convention is an 18+ event.

Are the tickets refundable/transferrable?
Because they are printed lanyard passes they are non-refundable and non-transferrable once they are printed. You can, however, get a refund of your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets within 12 hours of purchasing your ticket, before the ticket gets printed.

Are you looking for volunteers?
Yes! Volunteer passes will be released in late-February. Volunteers can get on-skates passes at a discount rate. Find out more about our volunteer program here.

If I didn’t attend all 3 days or if I was kicked out, can I have a refund for the time I didn’t go?
Sorry, no refunds are available if you must leave early for any reason.

Do I need insurance?
We strongly recommend that you hold primary insurance for anyone participating on roller skates. If you are skating you also need to have the accidental insurance coverage required by most derby events. Find out more on our insurance page.

Please contact us with any further questions
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