Three days with these coaches will change your game forever... 
Whether you are in your rookie year or have skated with the best of the best, our roster of elite coaches from across North America will get you out of your box and push your game to the next level.
Scald Eagle
★ Rose City Roller Girls
★ Team USA

★ WFTDA Featured Skater

We are super excited to have WFTDA World Champion Scald Eagle as part of our 2016 coaching roster! Indisputably one of the top derby skaters in the game, she is also one of the most sought after coaches.
  Michelle Steilen (aka Estro Jen)
★ Moxi Skate Team
★ LA Weekly Profile

As a founder of Angel City Derby Estro knows her way around the flat track, but the world knows her as the undisputed queen of street and skate park quad skating. We are doing back flips to have her coaching at this year's NEDC!
Smarty Pants
★ Texas Roller Girls
★ Team USA

★ WFTDA Featured Skater

In addition to being one of derby's most elite players, Smarty Pants has spent the last 12 years earning the respect of the international derby community as one of the world's best and most sought after coaches in the sport.
★ Puget Sound Outcasts
★ Team USA (Men's)

Quadzilla has been skating derby since '98. The hardest working man in Derby has spent the past decade coaching leagues all over the world and running the immensly popular GRN MNSTR Roller Sports.

Baller Shot Caller
★ Atlanta Rollergirls
★ Team USA

Formerly the Captain of the Gold Coast Derby Girls, Baller now skates for Team USA and the Atlanta Rollergirls. She has distinguised herself as both a blocker and jammer with countless MVP awards and is a coach in high demand.

  Sarah Hipel
★ Detroit Derby Girls
★ Team Canada

Sarah Hipel is a ten year derby veteran and has played in nine WFTDA championship tournaments. She has held major roles in the WFTDA, and owns Faster Skates, maker of the popular Faster Wheels. Sarah is a true derby brain and an exceptional coach!
Tony Muse
(aka Peter Pan)

★ Your Mom Men's Derby

★ Team USA (Men's)

Tony has won three MRDA championship in a row. He is known internationally as a speed skater, having won world titles on both inline and quad, including 18 world championships!

  Queen Loseyateefa
★ Atlanta Rollergirls
★ WFTDA Featured Skater 

As co-captain and absolute lock-down blocker Queen has been at the core of the Dirty South Derby Girls' success. With a full decade of derby under her belt she brings an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience to coaching.
Freight Train
★ Texas Roller Girls

Freight Train has been skating since she was two years old, so it should come as no surprise that she quickly became a breakout triple threat for Houston Roller Derby, she now builds on that success with the Texies and has become a coach in
high demand.
  Dirty Deborah Harry
★ OC Roller Girls

Dirty has been skating since the age of four, including over 11 years in derby. During that time she has been coaching players all over the world in everything from advanced skills to, bowl skating, to ballroom dancing on skates (seen here at NEDC).
Holly Gohardly
★ Charm City Roller Girls
★ WFTDA Featured Skater

Holly Gohardly is in her 10th season, including multiple WFTDA playoffs and three trips to Champs. Holly is a dominant blocker/pivot and prolific coach who has coached leagues all over the world at all levels.

  Punchy O' Guts
★ Resurgam Roller Derby
★ WFTDA Featured Skater 

Punchy competed with Maine Roller Derby's all-star team for years and is now a member of southern Maine's elite Resurgam team and an international derby coach. She has authored several excellent books on the sport -check them out!

Miss Tea Maven
★ Gotham Girls Roller Derby
★ Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Miss Tea Maven started roller derby playing Renegade rules in New Jersey in 2009, until she made the leap to WFTDA and signed up with Gotham. She now skates with the legendary Gotham All-Stars. We are excited to have her at NEDC!

  Artoo Detoonate
★ Providence Roller Derby
★ WFTDA Featured Skater

As a coach for Boston and now Providence Roller Derby, Artoo brings a wealth of knowlege on all things Derby. This is reflected in her extremely popular site rdjunkies on which she does excellent in-depth footage analysis.
★ Angel City Derby Girls

An early stand out with the OC Rollergirls, B-Train has long been an active member of the derby community. With over a decade of all-things-derby under her belt she brings a wealth of experience to coaching skaters of all levels.

  Gypsy Lucas
★ Free Radicals

Gypsy has won countless competitive titles including multiple world championships in speed. Her experience as a professional coach in derby is unmatched and includes training the first skaters in Austin when the sport started it resurgence in the early 2000s.

Flyin' King
★ Boston Roller Derby

King has been involved with roller derby since 2011, and has a background in competitive figure skating, and the proof is in the footwork! With 17 years of skating experience, King brings extensive knowledge of skating technique to the derby track.

  Ryan Conlin
★ Mass Maelstrom

Conlin (formerly Wes Turn) has worn virtually every hat in derby: starting as a level 3 certified official and continuing as head coach of Providence Roller Derby's travel team and captain of the Mass Maelstrom. He also happens to be the nicest person ever.

Additional Coaches, Workshop and Seminar Leaders
Bourbon Bruiser (Free State Roller Derby)
Dee Stortion (Boston Derby Dames, Bruised Boutique)
Johnny Cash Machine (Mass Attack Roller Derby, Ark Valley High Rollers)
Lemony Kickit (Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Flat Mat Yoga)
Rammy Lammy (Western Mass Roller Derby)
Richard Gaudet (Mass Maelstrom)
Surgical Strike (Montreal Roller Derby, Team Canada)

More to be announced... 
In addition to this already insane line-up of coaches we have more to announce. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook to get up to the minute coaching updates!

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