Three days with these coaches will change your game forever... 
Whether you are in your rookie year or have skated with the best of the best, our roster of elite coaches from across North America will get you out of your box and push your game to the next level.
Suzy Hotrod
★ Gotham Girls Roller Derby
★ Team USA

★ DNN Best Double Threat (3 years in a row)

Suzy has hoisted the Hydra a record four times and co-captained the inaugural Team USA. She is one of the most recognizable players in modern roller derby and an outstanding coach!
  Smarty Pants
★ Texas Roller Girls
★ Team USA

★ DNN Skater of the Year 2013

In addition to being one of derby's most elite players, Smarty Pants has spent the last 10 years earning the respect of the international derby community as one of the world's best and most sought after coaches in the sport.
★ Puget Sound Outcasts
★ Team USA (Men's)

★ DNN Best Double Threat 2012 (and 2011)

Quadzilla has been skating derby since '98. The hardest working man in Derby has spent the past decade coaching leagues all over the world and running the immensly popular GRN MNSTR Roller Sports.

  Juke Boxx
★ London Rollergirls
★ Team USA

One of the stars of the midwest during her stint with the Minnesota, Juke now brings her talent to the London Rollergirls and will once again skate with Team USA. Juke has a lifetime of experience and coaches leagues around the world.
Demanda Riot
★ B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
★ DNN Most Valuable Blocker 2012

Demanda Riot has been described as the most threatening blocker in roller derby. She has captained the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls' all-star team, the Golden Girls, for years and is a natural at coaching.
  Onda Sligh
★ Oly Rollers
★ Team USA

★ DNN Rookie of the Year 2012

We watch the amazing acrobatic skating skills of Onda Sligh and wonder "how does she do that?"She is one of the most dynamic and exciting skaters to watch in modern roller derby, and is a phenominal skills coach.
Sarah Hipel
★ Texas Roller Girls
★ Team Canada

Sarah Hipel is a nine year derby veteran and has played in eight WFTDA championship tournaments including last years nailbiter championship bout against Gotham. She has held major roles in the WFTDA, and owns Faster Skates, maker of Faster Wheels.
  Tony Muse
(aka Peter Pan)

★ Your Mom Men's Derby

★ Team USA (Men's)
★ DNN Skater of the Year 2013

Tony won the MRDA championship in both 2012 and 2013. He is known internationally as a speed skater, having won world titles on both inline and quad, including 18 world championships!

Varla Vendetta
★ Windy City Rollers
★ Team USA Alum

Varla Vendetta is one of the most experienced double threats in modern derby. She has played in every WFTDA Championship, racked up countless post-season MVPs, and has coached leagues all over the world.
★ Terminal City Rollergirls
★ Team Canada

Last year Luludemon was League MVP and Captain of Vancouver's All Star team. She runs the popular Pivotstar line and has been coaching at events like RollerConBlood and Thunder, and her Pivotstar Across the Pond Tour of the UK.
Lil' Paine
★ Boston Derby Dames
★ Team Ireland

Nominated for DNN's 2010 Rookie of the Year, Lil' Paine is entering her fourth season as team coach for the Boston Massacre. She is a fierce double threat and will be competing with Team Ireland in the next World Cup.

  Estrogeena Davis
★ Boston Derby Dames
★ Team Finland

Geena has been involved with roller derby since 2007 and has been coaching for a number of years, most notably as head coach of Team Finland in the Derby World Cup. She also runs the fantastic and comprehensive!
Shark Week
★ Boston Derby Dames

Nominatee for DNN's 2011 Rookie of the Year,New England favorite, Shark Week, has been both head coach of the Boston Derby Dames and captained Boston's WFTDA travel team, The Boston Massacre.

  Punchy O' Guts
★ Maine Roller Derby

Punchy O'Guts competed with Maine Roller Derby's all-star team for more than five years (captained the team for several of those) and is now an international traveling derby coach and has authored more than one excellent book on the subject - check them out!

Dirty Deborah Harry
★ OC Roller Girls

Dirty Deborah Harry comes from a roller skating family and started her training at the age of four. She just completed 9 seasons skating for the OC Roller Girls travel team and has instructed derby players from the US to Australia.
  Dee Stortion
★ Boston Derby Dames

Dee Stortion has been coaching Roller Derby since 2007 when she founded New Hampshire Roller Derby. She now skates with the Boston Massacre and coaches and runs clinics around the country. She also owns the Bruised Boutique Skate Shop.
Ryan Conlin aka Wes Turn
★ Mass Maelstrom

Conlin has worn virtually every hat in derby: starting as a level 3 certified official and continuing as head coach of Providence Roller Derby's travel team and captain of the #4 Mass Maelstrom. He also happens to be the nicest person ever.
  Gypsy Rolls Lee
★ Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Gypsy has won numerous national and world skating titles and has a long coaching resume that includes camps at the Olympic Training Center. She is an excpetional technique coach and has brought those skills to four time world champion Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
Hayley Contagious
★ Boston Derby Dames

Hayley has been immersed in derby for 8 years, first with Garden State and currently with the Boston Masscre. She is also long time coach and manager for #4 in the MRDA Mass Maelstrom. She brings her extensive experience to coaching leagues around the world.
  Artoo Detoonate
★ Boston Derby Dames

As a coach for the Boston Derby Dames Artoo brings a wealth of knowlege on all things Derby. This is reflected in her extremely popular site rdjunkies on which she does excellent in-depth breakdowns of game footage.

Additional Coaches, Workshop and Seminar Leaders

B-Train (Angel City Roller Derby)
Betty Ford Galaxy (Rat City Rollergirls)
Bob Noxious (WFTDA Announcer)
Bill Coulter (Mass Maelstrom, Team USA)

Rhoda Perdition (Providence Roller Derby)
Richard Gaudet (Mass Maelstrom)

Speedy Dan (Boston Derby Dames)
Sunny Wytha Chansapain (Rainier Roller Girls)
Reverend Al Mighty (Providence Roller Derby, WFTDA Announcer)

Vixen ta Hitcha (Boston Derby Dames)

and more TBA...

Officials Trainers

TestosteRon Jeremy (Boston Derby Dames)
Goldie Gloves (Mass Attack Roller Derby)
awful waffle (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
Lethe L Ejection (Independent)
Roo Lyn Forcer (Boston Derby Dames)
Miss Trial (New York Shock Exchange)
and more TBA...

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