What is the Northeast Derby Convention?

The World's Top Coaches
We pull together the best of the best. Our coaches live on the cutting edge of derby, have been training leagues from all over the world for years, and are as comfortable with Team USA as they are fresh meat. 

Skaters of every level will get time with our top coaches, regardless of skill level. For three days they will get you thinking outside the box, teach you new skills and new strategies that will not only get you off your plateau but help you elevate your whole team.

Click below to see a list of coaches from previous years:

Skate Park Classes
Some of the best quad skate park skaters in the world will be teaching basic to advanced skate park classes. Start simple or add some gnarly tricks to your repertoire! This is a private event so no skateboarders will be there to mess with your mojo - be sure to bring your MVP badge for entry!

To play like a champ you have to think like a champ. In between on-skates classes participate in strategy workshops, off-skates cross-training, and seminars on league business, volunteer coordination, marketing, public relations, and sponsorship.


Apply your new skills in our black & white scrimmage, or play on your dream team in our legendary All-Star Bout!

Awesome Parties
Work hard, play harder. Are you going to win the after party? Sponsored dance parties, karaoke and more; details to come!

Prizes, Contests and Free Giveaways
Not only are you getting the experience of a derby lifetime, we’re planning a plethora of prizes, contests, gift bags, and free giveaways!

Vendor Village
See the latest from the top manufacturers including the unveiling of exclusive new products. Browse the hottest gear from dozens of vendors!

Officials Training
Two full days of classes, workshops and officiating practice for Referees and NSOs.

Derby Community
Nuff said. One of the greatest facets of our sport is the community. With the growing number of derby leagues in the world there are many new BFFs to be had!

More information can be found in our FAQ
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